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    How to Join a Google Classroom

    1. Login to classroom.google.com
    2. At the top, click +Join class
    3. Enter your specific Class Code


    Please Note:

    • You must use your @pittsburgusd.net accounts
    • Use your actual name when registering



    2nd Period

    7th Grade 2A: jefmwtr 

    7th Grade 2B: 7kxorsl

    3rd Period

    7th Grade 3A: gn73uor 

    7th Grade 3B: j7fnytt

    4th Period

    8th Grade 4A: 72kxudy 

    8th Grade 4B: hzxkjmt

    5th Period

    6th Grade 5A: 6ovez5d 

    6th Grade 5B: 6urj4ok 

    6th Period

    6th Grade 6A: ayvrfoq

    6th Grade 6B: c7gdmpe



    6th Grade: @86gc44

    7th Grade: @cded67

    8th Grade: @3hhhbk


    Student's Quick Guide to Google Classroom