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    Bell Schedules for Track A and B



    Google Classrooms have been created and I already enrolled you.  All you have to do is log into Google Classroom and we are ready for class.  



    How to Join a Google Classroom

    1) Get access to Google Classroom by logging into Clever.

    • Username: (student id)
    • Password: pusd(student id)
      • Ex - Username: 12345      Password: pusd12345

    2) Before selecting the Google Classroom app, select add the google extention app.  There will be an annoucement to do that at the top.  This will enable you to log into Google Classroom automatically with your PUSD email and password.  This IS NOT the rancho account you used last year.


    3) You may be added automatically in some classes, but you may have to join a class.  If you need to join a class:

    • At the top right of Google Classroom, click +
    • Select: Join class
    • Enter your specific Class Code from your teacher


    If you need to join a class, the Class Codes are below.  Each period is separated into Cohort A and Cohort B.  Therefore, make sure you join the correct period and cohort.

    Period 2A: 4vlzgxq

    Period 2B: vs56753

    Period 3A: kvdou5l

    Period 3B: 7aoo6gw

    Period 4A: vb2evrk

    Period 4B: gqmd7xx

    Period 5A: maah6tk

    Period 5B: rjb5dzb

    Period 6A: vks3pip

    Period 6B: rtkq6se



    Remind Code: @7Juliet7


    Student's Quick Guide to Google Classroom