• First Aid Kit for the Heart ♥

    Objective: Scholars when you scrape your knee from a fall or have a blister often you will go to a first aid kit and get some tools that will help you feel better (maybe a band aid or cooling cream). Just like we have first aid kits for physical hurts it is also important that we have first aid kits for the heart to cope with our thoughts and emotions when we are hurting or afraid. My goal in sharing this activity is to help you make a first aid kit for the heart to help you handle all your important feelings.

    Tools: Old magazines or newspapers, scissors, glue, markers or crayons or color pencils or paint, an item that you want to serve as your first aid kit (this can be anything as long as it belongs to you for example: a shoebox, a cereal box, a bag, a pencil pouch, a big envelope, a container with a lid, etc.).


     1) Start a list, or draw, or look for images of things/items that bring a smile to your face and/or help you feel calm (For example: Miss Ordaz loves to read so when she sees a book she smiles & feels calm)!
    2) Go on a scavenger hunt in your home collecting images from old newspapers or magazines or drawing these images and add them to your first aid kit for the heart.
    3) When you’re feeling down or worried or anxious reach into your first aid kit for the heart and pull out an idea that you came up with and try it.
    4) Continue to add ideas to your first aid kit as they pop into your mind.

    Examples: Deep Breaths, Exercise, Read, Listen to Music, Phone a friend