Search for library books on line and check out eBooks using this link to Follett Destiny Discover:





    There are multiple ways to find eBooks on Destiny Discover.

    • Browse from the eBooks carousels on the homepage.
    • Next to the Search bar, click Search Option, and then select eBook from the drop-down to limit your search.
    • Search all library materials.  Use the filters on the left side of the Search Results page to narrow your search. Select Format,and tehn Follett eBook. Click a cover or title for more information.

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    To ensure you can access a title later, check it out. From the Search Results or title's details, click Checkout next to the title. The due date is 14 days from the day you borrowed the book. Books will be returned automatically on the due date, or you can return it early.

    NOTE: You must be logged in, and their must be available copies, for Checkout to appear.



    Checked-out titles are automatically returned at the end of the loan period (14 days).  To return a title and make it available to others before the due date:

    • In the Destiny Discover header, select the menu (the three horizontal lines on the top left next to DESTINY DISCOVER), and then Checkouts or My Stuff >Checkouts, click Return.
  • To create an account in Destiny so you can check out eBooks:


    • On the web page, click on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner.  It looks like 3 horizontal lines to the left of DESTINY DISCOVER.
    • Click on CREATE ACCOUNT on the upper right.
    • Follow the directions and create your user name and password.
    • After you are logged in, you may use this page to search for a book, or go back to 
      DESTINY DISCOVER by selecting it on the left hand side.




    Go to the APP store on your device and download the Destiny Read app. (it's free)

    The first time you log into Destiny Read on your device you need to log in.

    1. Use the LOCATION drop down and select CALIFORNIA.
    2. In the SCHOOL field, type in Martin Luther King and make sure you choose the school in PITTSBURG, CA (there are many MLK schools in California, make sure you choose our school.  Steps one and two only needs to be done the first time you log in.
    3. Tap LOG IN.
    4. On the next screen, type in your USER NAME and PASSWORD and tap SUBMIT

    Once you log in, you will see a list of eBooks you checked out. Tab on DOWNLOAD to download your checked out title to your device and start reading!


    NOTE: you can not search and check out books from the APP. You need to first check out books from the Destiny website.

    To remove the book from your device, tap REMOVE.

    To return the book, tap RETURN. Books will automatically be returned on the due date.