•  Fluency

    Please use the attached fluency passages. If you can not print please have your student read it online. Here is a video to see a sample of a fluency routine.


    • Read the title, then time your child for 1 minute of reading to see how far they can get.  This is called a “cold” read. (They should mark where they leave off)
    • If possible, have someone read the entire passage to your child (untimed) while your child circles any words they don’t know.  (If possible, go over unknown vocabulary with them)
    • Use a highlighter to highlight (or simply circle with a pencil) all inflectional endings in the passage…
      • -ed
      • -ing
      • -est
      • -s/-es/-ies
      • -er
      • -ly


    • Each day time your student for one minute of reading, having them mark where they leave off.
    • Once they are done reading, have them flip the book over and retell as many details from the text as they remember.
    • If possible be your student’s “partner” and do the same thing for them while they listen to you (read and retell).


    • Time your student one last time for a “hot” read.  If they’ve been practicing (“warming up”) all week this should be the read where they do the best!

    Click on links below for fluency passages for this week

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    Fluency One Minute Timer 



    Sight Words 

    Please practice the attached sight list and see our video about how to practice sight words.  Click here for the list