Mission Statement:

    It is the mission of both Pittsburg Unified School District and Willow Cove Elementary School to inspire our students, to ensure they achieve equity in academic excellence and to bring students closer together through shared experiences in learning. We believe the cultural diversity of our community and our youth are our greatest assets. We endeavor to bring our students to their fullest potential and to create lifelong learners who will contribute positively to the world. All students will work to achieve California Common Core State Standards and benchmarks with the goal of becoming college and career ready.


    Vision Statement:

    Willow Cove is committed to providing equity for ALL students with effective, engaging, rigorous and differentiated instruction that facilitates: language learning and early literacy; inclusive practices for SPED; and focused work with ELL’s by building on and recognizing the importance of culture. Furthermore, students at Willow Cove will engage in academic discourse. Academic Discourse is a respectful, collaborative, extended exchange of ideas that occurs in a content specific environment where academic language is developed, and complex topics are analyzed.