• April 6th-10th

    This Reflection Focuses on the Importance of Building Bonds with Yourself and Others

    Shelter in place has done a number of things to us and for us.  For me, it has provided an opportuinty to think and reflect on my relationship with myself, my family, my friends and the world at large.Through experiences in life and allotted time, we will continue to be presented with pivotal moments where we can reflect and connect with humanity or dismiss and reject opportunities that serve to enhance the better parts of who we are. I selected the piece below because, I imagine that, today many of us are coming head on with circumstances we have either avoided or did not anticipate.  These situations have made it so that we must face aspects of ourselves, our lives and those in it. Perhaps it is just circumstantial or, perhaps, it is an oportunity gifted so that we may gain clairty or closure.  Whatever it is that is presented to us, remember, it is not what we are faced with but how we respond that is a true indicator of our personal and professional growth.  It is not enough to be confrontational wit others--we must also be willing to be confrontational with our own vices. It is then that we know we are improving for the betterment of humanity.



    March 30-APRIL 3

    This last week has been pretty tough on many of us.

    I want you to watch this next video and remind yourselves

    that struggle, though tough, is necessary to build resilience.

    You are more powerful than you know. And it is time for you to recognize 

    your brilliance.


     Jealousy ied by insecurity is a toxic recipe

    Broken people will do whatever it takes to numb inferiority.

    Have compassion, but linger not too long

    Or the virus you will get

    Like those that talk about you, integrity you will forget

    Before you know it, you'll get caught up in the mix.

    Then, what does that say about you

    if you're acting just like them?

    Misery clings to company

    Like a binky to a babe

    Weaning off bad habits is harder with every passing day.

    Life is a test

    It is the character we choose to play

    What do we stand for

    When our backs against a wall?

    When life gets rough,

    will we soar like eagles or follow the quacking ducks' call?

    This much I know is true

    in my growing seasoned years,

    Haters only hate you because your success is what they fear

    If you make it.

    If you win

    If you dare to believe in you

    It serves as a sore reminder: 

    That could have been them too 

    And that's their journey to navigate

    There's nothing you can do.

    There's nothing you should do when haters hate on you.

    No need to know the reasons 

    No need to try and win. 

    Let your purpose take you onward

    And share it with your kin.

    Look ahead 

    Plan big

    And never forget where you 've been

    And the ones who doubt your favor

    will be left to look within.

    "It doesn't matter who doubts your life when your life is highly favored"

    Trent Shelton




  • 03/23-03/27

     🔥 🔥 CORONA CLAP 🔥 🔥 

    This week’s song is dedicated to COVID-19. You sure know how to make 

    a sweeping, grand entrance. May your farewells be as fleeting as your warm welcomes.