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    Welcome Channel 21 Students!

    ¡Bienvenidos estudiantes de Channel 21!


    Students will complete a variety of assignments to help them learn basic video production and reporting skills.
    We will use applications such as Google Docs for script writing, WeVideo for video editing, Audio Blocks for music and sound effects & BeFunky or Pixlr for Graphic Design.

    All assignments for our classes will be posted in Google Classroom. At any time, you can have your student show you the assignments they are working on.


    Your student's class grade is based on 2 categories: 1) Weekly Quick Writes and 2) Weekly Class Projects.
    Here is a breakdown of each category, along with the percentage of the overall grade each category will account for.

    Quick Writes (20%)
    Quick Writes are weighted as 20% of the overall grade.
    A Quick Write is simply an assignment where your student must respond to a question using an application such as "Google Docs." They generally have 4 to 5 mintues to complete this assignment.
    Students will generally be assigned "3" Quick Writes each week.
    For more information and specifics on these assignments, I recommend having your student sign-in to our Google Classroom and show you one of their Quick Writes.

    Class Projects (80%)

    Class Projects are weighted as 80% of the overall grade. Students will generally have 1 Class Project each week. 
    Class Projects for Video Productions will usually involve creating a 1 to 2 minute video that students will have to research, shoot or record if they are doing a report or recording a voice-over, and edit. 
    Students will generally be given several days to complete a Class Project. For further information and specifics on Class Projects, I recommend having your student show you an example in Google Classroom. 

    Course Grade Requirement
    Please note that students enrolled in the Video Production class Must Maintain a Letter Grade of at Least a "C". Students who do not maintain a "C" average during each quarter will be dropped from the class.


    Makeup Policy & Aeries Parent Portal

    Given the constraints and challenges that come with distance learning, I am more than happy to work with your student so they can makeup any missed assignments. However, I strongly encourage parents to monitor your student's work and grades online through the Aeries Parent Portal. This way, your student can makeup missed work as soon as possible. Please see the link below.

    I also want to mention that while I will do my best to work with your student to makeup work, I will not be able to change grades near or after the cuttoff time for teachers to submit grades, specifically a Report Card period. As such, if your student waits until the last minute to try and makeup work, it may not be possible for them to do so, and I will have no control over that. So again, I strongly encourage parents to use the Aeries Parent Portal to see your student's grades for all of their classes. Here is the link for how you can access the Aeries Parent Portal.


    Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. I'm looking forward to working with your student!
    If you need to contact me, please do so by email at athompson@pittsburgusd.net