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    Welcome Computer Students!
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    Students will complete a variety of assignments to help them learn computer technology basics.
    We will use applications such as Google Docs, Good Slides, & Google Sheets as well as applications designed to help students improve their typing skills. Students may also learn to use graphic design and video editing programs.

    All assignments for our classes will be posted on Google Classroom, with the exception of Typing Practice. 
    Here are the instructions students need to follow to join our Google Classroom, if they have not done so already. 

    1. Login to Google Classroom through CleverYou must login via your student's Clever account.
    You can click on this link for instructions: "How to Log Into Google Classroom via Clever" 

    2. After signing into Google Classroom, join our Google Classroom with the class code. Please contact me by email for the class code (athompson@pittsburgusd.net).



    Your student's class grade is based on 3 categories: 1) Weekly Typing Practice, 2) Quick Writes, and 3) Class Projects.
    Here is a breakdown of each category, along with the percentage of the overall grade each category will account for.

    Weekly Typing Practice (50%)
    Weekly Typing Practice is weighted as 50% of the overall grade.
    Students will practice typing for 20 minutes each day using a free online typing program called Typing Club.
    As long as your student meets the goal of typing for 20 minutes per day, they will reach 100 minutes by the end of each week.
    Students with 100 minutes of practice will receive 100 points for the week. If a student doesn't reach 100 minutes, 
    they will be graded based on how many minutes they did type. For example, if they typed for 80 minutes, they will receive 80 points.
    If they only typed for 60 minutes, they will receive 60 points and so on. Students will be able to monitor how much time they have spent typing after signing into their Typing Club account. Just be sure they view the "Weekly" practice time to see the time they have spent for that week. On school holidays, students will not be required to type and the amount of minutes required for that week will be adjusted. For example, if there is a holiday on Monday, students will only be required to type a total of 80 minutes for the week to receive full credit for Typing Practice.
    I will monitor student progress and practice time through my Typing Club teacher account.
    Please encourage your student to keep their fingers on the "Home Row" keys while typing and to type "Without Looking Down at Their Hands!" 6th-8th grade students should be able to type an average of 35-45 Words per Minute. Typing speed comes with practice and patience!

    Quick Writes (10%)
    Quick Writes are weighted as 10% of the overall grade.
    A Quick Write is simply an assignment where your student must respond to a question using an application such as "Google Docs." They generally have 4 to 5 mintues to complete this assignment.
    Quick Writes will only be assigned to morning classes, so students will generally be assigned "3" Quick Writes each week.
    For more information and specifics on these assignments, I recommend having your student sign-in to our Google Classroom and show you one of their Quick Writes.

    Class Projects (40%)

    Class Projects are weighted as 40% of the overall grade. Students will generally have 1 Class Project each week. 
    Class Projects are designed to assess a student's knowledge of the lessons and practice they have had throughout the week or the week prior. On some occasions, students may be given several days to complete a Class Project. For example, students may be given more time to create slide presentations. For further information and specifics on Class Projects, I recommend having your student show you an example in Google Classroom. Class Projects are usually named according to the topic we are covering in class that week. For instance, "My Name in Many Fonts" is the name of the Class Project where students demonstrate how to use Google Docs to create a document with a variety of fonts and formatting.


    Makeup Policy / Aeries Parent Portal

    Given the constraints and challenges that come with distance learning, I am more than happy to work with your student so they can makeup any missed assignments. However, I strongly encourage parents to monitor your student's work and grades online through the Aeries Parent Portal. This way, your student can makeup missed work as soon as possible. Please see the link below.

    I also want to mention that while I will do my best to work with your student to makeup work, I will not be able to change grades near or after the cuttoff time for teachers to submit grades, specifically a Report Card period. As such, if your student waits until the last minute to try and makeup work, it may not be possible for them to do so, and I will have no control over that. So again, I strongly encourage parents to use the Aeries Parent Portal to see your student's grades for all of their classes. Here is the link for how you can access the Aeries Parent Portal.



    Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. I'm looking forward to working with your student!
    If you need to contact me, please do so by email at athompson@pittsburgusd.net