Distance Learning
  •             2020-2021




    Mrs. T. Smith


    During these hard times it's best to get back to normal as much as we possibly can. As our health and safety are ALWAYS #1 for our students and their families, so is consistancy and their learning. Our district is moving to online learning and using mutiple applications to get our students brains up and running again! Below are the resources I am using to continue the best education for my students. 


    My Zoom Teaching Schedule 



    1st Period 8:30am-10:10am

    (Cohort A = Monday’s/Cohort B = Tuesdays)

    2nd Period 10:20am-11:35am

    (Cohort A = Monday’s/Cohort B = Tuesdays)

    3rd Period 11:45am -1:00pm

    (Cohort A = Monday’s/Cohort B = Tuesdays)

    Lunch Break 1:00pm-1:40pm

    4th Period 1:40-2:10

    (Cohort A = Tuesday/Cohort B = Monday)

    5th Period 2:10-2:40

    (Cohort A = Tuesday/Cohort B = Monday)

    6th Period 2:40pm-3:10pm

    (Cohort A = Tuesday/Cohort B = Monday)


    Wacky Wednesday Study Day!

    Period 1 (Cohort’s A&B)


    Period 4 (Cohort’s A&B)


    Period 2 (Cohort’s A&B)


    Period 5 (Cohort’s A&B)


    Period 3 (Cohort’s A&B)


    Period 6 (Cohort’s A&B)




     4th Period 8:30am-10:10am

    (Cohort A = Friday/Cohort B = Thursday)

    5th Period 10:20am-11:35am

    (Cohort A = Friday/Cohort B = Thursday)

    6th Period 11:45am -1:00pm

    (Cohort A = Friday/Cohort B = Thursday)

    Lunch Break 1:00pm-1:40pm

    1st Period 1:40-2:10

    (Cohort A = Friday/Cohort B = Thursday)

    2nd Period 2:10-2:40

    (Cohort A = Friday/Cohort B = Thursday)

    3rd Period 2:40pm-3:10pm

    (Cohort A = Friday/Cohort B = Thursday)


    Download the Zoom App & Tune in at your classtime. 





     Remind Code: t-smith7

    Teachers are required to be on Zoom with all 6 of their classes from 8

    :30am-3:10pm Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday.

    Please bear with us when getting back to you or your students.

    (We will try our best!)


    My Office Hours are EVERY Wednesday

    Starting Time: 1:40pm

    End Time: 3:10pm


    Please E-mail me or send a Remind to schedule a future appointment.




    Our online classroom is through Google Classroom. Your student has a google email through the district

    even if they have never used it before. 

    How to join a Google classroom:

    1. Go to classroom.google.com 

    2. At the top, click +Join class

    3. Enter your class code (see below).


    Class Codes:

    1st Period Cohort A: - 5126fdm 

    1st Period Cohort B: - tu44xn2 

    2nd Period Cohort A: - a2lfmsb

    2nd Period Cohort B: - jkaw4i3

    3rd Period Cohort A: - vez5764

    3rd Period Cohort B: - qb3vpec

    4th Period Cohort A: - 6skmdha

    4th Period Cohort B: - o4rzjyp

    6th Period Cohort A: - q4yrxht

    6th Period Cohort B: - k5w7rnv


      Please note:

    You must use your district account

    Use your actual name when registering.