Energy Management Overview

  • It's the time of year that provides the greatest opportunity for all of us to conserve energy. The school district's goals are to conserve energy and consequently save our revenue for use in our schools in a more productive way. When all of us do our part in this effort we will personally contribute toward saving programs for our children.

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    • Pittsburg Unified School District is Proud of its Energy Conservation and Sustainability Achievements:


      • The District was recognized by the California Department of Education as a California Green Ribbon School recipient, with Gold Distinction. This recognition award honors schools, school districts, and Institutes of Higher Education for excellence in resource efficiency, health and wellness, and environmental and sustainability education. The recognition award is part of a larger U.S. Department of Education (ED) effort to identify and communicate practices that result in improved student engagement, academic achievement, graduation rates, and workforce preparedness; and reinforces federal effort to increase energy independence and economic security.


      • In 2015, PUSD placed in five of the six top awards for energy conservation in the Energize Schools’ Energy Conservation Competition. Out of 47 schools that participated, PUSD took first place (Hillview JHS), second place (Parkside Elementary School), third place (Highlands Elementary School). Additionally, PUSD was recognized for having a school that showed the most improvement (Rancho Medanos JHS) and a school that had the best overall campaign (Martin Luther King Jr. JHS). All of our schools reduced our total kWh by almost 79,000 kWh during the competition period of three weeks!


      • Using funding from State Proposition 39, the District has improved its energy efficiency by installing new heating and air conditioning equipment at Willow Cove and Stoneman Elementary Schools and new exterior and interior LED lighting at multiple locations in the District.
        • The District has installed solar arrays at all K-12 school sites as well as the Pittsburg Adult Ed (PAEC) and the Youth Development Center, saving the thousands of dollars and kWh in energy usage.
        • To see what is happening with solar production at any given moment, or for the last year, view our District Dashboard. To view production for any solar array, from their inception to this year, see our solar plant summaries.


      • All cleaning products used in the Maintenance and Operations department for the cleaning and maintenance of our school sites and offices are green products, all non-toxic and safe for the environment.



    • To see energy production for Pittsburg Unified School District's school sites, see site listed below. The webpages are interactive, so you can see how many kWh are produced by the sites' solar array, and what the environmental impact is on the site and District.