PUSD CLEVER Educational Resources Portal

  • Clever is the district portal for PUSD online curricula and resources


    Students will login to Clever using this website: https://clever.com/in/pittsburgusd
    Los estudiantes iniciarán la sesión en CLEVER usando este sitio web: https://clever.com/in/pittsburgusd

    Once at the website, select "Log in with Clever" (it's the bottom option)
    Una vez en el sitio web, seleccionarán Log in with Clever (es la opción de abajo)

    IMPORTANT: The first time you login be sure to follow the link that you will see to install the Clever Extension (see below for more information).  There is a link to do this at the upper left of your screen when you first login to Clever (for PC or Chromebook; you will not see the link if the extension is already installed).   Or you can install it from outside of Clever anytime:



    Download and Install Clever Extension (PC, Chromebook) or Clever App (Apple, Android) - Make Sure Your Browser Has the Clever Extension!!  On an Apple iPhone or iPAD or on an Android device  the Clever Extension is not needed but you should download the Clever App (at the Apple App Store or at your Android or Google Play Store on your device).


    Please see the links below for information and instructions for installing the Clever browser extension:

    • Google Chrome *Recommended*
      • Make sure you open and are using the Chrome Browser (you can't download and install the Chrome extension if you are in a different browser, e.g,, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.)
      • After following the link above, click on "Add to Chrome"
      • Then confirm in the dialogue box that pops up: "Add Extension"
      • You're Done!   You'll see a box pop up that shows that you were successful and a little blue "C" will appear on your Browser Toolbar.  You can now click on that "C" anytime to go straight to Clever.


    Clever can also be installed on the following (BUT the Chrome Browser is the Recommended Browser; similar install steps as for Chrome, you have to be in the named browser to install on that browser)


    Now for Clever login information:


    USERNAME - (Student ID #)
    PASSWORD - (pusd + Student ID #)

    NOMBRE DE USUARIO - (número de identificación de estudiante)
    CONTRASEÑA - (pusd + número de identificación de estudiante)

     Login for clever

    Clever login Spanish version


Clever How To Video in English (Assumes you installed the Clever Extension or Clever App)

Clever How To Video in Español (asume que instaló el Clever Extension o el Clever App)