• Dismissal Procedure

    Upon dismissal, teachers walk students towards the front of the school.

    Bus students exit through the front of the school and wait for their buses on their assigned lines. If it is raining, the students will line up along the hallway walls and will be walked to their buses as they arrive. All Kindergarten bus students will exit through the kindergarten yard to their buses.

    Students who walk home, or are picked up by car, exit from the north side of the school to the lower parking lot (Please do not enter the Main/Staff parking lot as this is for buses and DayCare vans only). Students waiting to walk home with older siblings may wait in the small parking lot waiting area. Students not picked up by 2:20 will be walked to the office to call for their rides. If it is raining, students will still be walked to the lower parking lot and wait under the overhang for their rides.