• Lunchtime/Cafeteria Procedures

    4th and 5th grade classes will line up quietly under the solar panels after recess. Noon supervisors assist students as they enter the serving area. Students not following procedures will wait in a middle line. Students in the middle line will enter the cafeteria after the other students, and sit at a designated table. Students must state their first and last name upon entering the serving line. Students sit at tables designated by room number. Students may quietly talk to their neighbors while they are eating. The last five minutes are expected to be silent so that students finish eating their lunch.

    At dismissal time, the quietest tables are dismissed first. The middle line table is always dismissed last. Students exit through the door by the stage and proceed quietly to the hallways where their teachers await.

    Rainy Day Modifications

    On rainy days, students will be dismissed to walk quietly to their classrooms after eating lunch. Noon supervisors will supervise the classrooms during this time.