Algebra 2 Homepage

  • Greetings,

    This is the webpage for my Algebra 2 classes. I will go over how the class will be conducted.


    1) Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10am to 11 am on the Zoom platform. I will be be updating the blog with a new link prior to each session. Feel free to click and join.


    2) Grading: The class will be credit/no credit. Assignments will be posted below. I expect students to...

    a) Write out their solution and clearly indicate their name and period

    b) Scan or take a good picture of their work

    c) Attach all pictures for the assignment and e-mail me the work at In  the subject for the email I expect you to put your name, period, and the date your work was assigned. For example: "Joe Shmoe, 1st Period, 3/23/20 assignment". Please do not send an individual email for each picture!



  • Starting 4/20/20 We will be moving to Google Classroom as it offers more communication options and will make the logistics of turning in assignments a lot less confusing. Here is what you will need to sign in to my Google classroom.


    1) Your PUSD email google email account and password, which can be found through our CLEVER portal. Instructions on how to log on to CLEVER can be found HERE


    2) Your Class Code. Instructions on how to add my class can be found HERE


    Here are the codes for my google classrooms:

    1st period: 2ysuc6u

    3rd period: rlegqnt

    5th period: vq3pgmz

    6th period: 2wa47c3

  • Office Hours 4-8

    Posted by Dobrin Hunter on 4/8/2020 9:50:00 AM

    The link for the office hours: Click Here

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  • Answers to Questions

    Posted by Dobrin Hunter on 3/24/2020 11:20:00 AM

    I will be updating this blog with answers to the questions posted in the discussion app. My answers will be in a Link such as this one , except instead of an awesome picture you will only see my great handwriting!


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  • Questions

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    Post Questions as a comment here.

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