• Morning Procedure

    Students may arrive on school grounds 20 minutes prior to the start of school. At this time students in grades 1-5 will line up according to the grade level numbers painted on the ground in front of the school. Student lines face the school and should extend towards the driveway. Staff members arrive on duty 15 minutes before the start of school.

    Students eating breakfast will be called according to their grade to go to the cafeteria for breakfast. Once inside the cafeteria, students will drop off their belongings on tables inside the cafeteria and will go to the stage to line up to get their breakfast. Students requiring breakfast cards will pull their cards from the rack on their way to the stage. After eating, students will gather their belongings, go outside, and line up according to their grade level.

    Kindergarten students who eat breakfast and are dropped off by bus wait with the bus driver until the breakfast supervisor arrives at 8:00 to pick them up for breakfast. Kindergarten students who arrive by car wait in front until the supervisor meets them and escorts them into the cafeteria. Kindergarten students that arrive early and do not eat breakfast will wait outside at the beginning of the first grade line until 8:10 , at which time they will be dismissed to walk to their classrooms through the hallway.

    Rainy Day Modification

    In the event of rain, students will enter the building and line up according to the signs posted in the hallway. When the bell rings at 8:40 , the teachers will walk the students quietly down the hallway. On rainy days, the flag salute will be held in the classrooms.