• Welcome to APUSH 2020-2021

    Welcome to AP US History for the 2020-2021 school year.  I look forward to working with all of you and hope that the summer Google Classroom helped introduce you to the course and the content.  As we start this new school year in this new setting, I hope to work with all of you to create a wonderful community for learning!  I know that it is not the way most of us like to learn or teach, but I believe that we can still make this year wonderful!  

    Below you will find the updated Google Classroom class codes and Remind codes.  I say updated because they are different than the ones we used this summer.  I will continue to have the larger APUSH Remind open so that when we get closer to the exam, I can communicate with all of the AP students with one single text.  For our classes, though, please sign up for the new Remind and either use the class code below or join via the emailed invite for Google Classroom.

    Period 3A

    • Google Classroom fscrr53
    • Remind @apush2021a

    Period 3B

    • Google Classroom - moqdgni
    • Remind @apush2021b

    I’ve also attached the APUSH syllabus, so you can get a sense of this course, the content we will be covering, and the other policies and expectations.  Please feel free to reach out at any time by email (jparfitt@pittsburgusd.net) or via Remind.

    APUSH Syllabus

    Here is a working calendar for this course for August 2020.  I will continue to update this calendar as we move through the quarter.  You can also find these calendars on Clever and the individual cohort's Google Classroom.

    APUSH August 2020 Calendars

    * If I have you during the 1st quarter, then I have already sent you an invite to Google Classroom. If I have you during the 2nd quarter, I will add your class codes and remind codes as we get closer to the start of that quarter.   


    ** Make sure before you try to sign into this new Google Classroom for the first time, that you follow the directions provided to you when you picked up your device.  You must first sign on to Clever and download the Clever extension on Google Chrome in order to access the PUSD G-Suite Google Classroom.  Attached is a Google Slides Presentation that will walk you through the directions of how to sign up for Clever and Google Classroom! 

    How to Sign up for Clever & Google Classroom