Mr. James Hamalainen



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. James Hamalainen

Martin Luther King, Jr. Junior High School BAND

James Hamalainen, music director 

We are meeting on Zoom. 

Meeting ID and password will be sent out via Remind.

Sign up for Remind:

...for WIND ENSEMBLE by texting @mlkwind to 81010 or online:

...for CONCERT BAND by texting @mlkconcert to 81010 or online:

...for BEGINNING BAND PERIOD 4 by texting @mlkbb4 to 81010 or online:

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Essential Elements Interactive (EEi)



EEI 3 Enter School Code: MartinLuthBand43

EEI 4 Click "I don't have an EEI student ID"

EEI 5 Check the 2 boxes and enter the ACTIVATION CODE from your lesson book

EEI 6  Can't find your ACTIVATION CODE?  Open your lesson book, first page, looks like this:

EEI 7 Can't find your BOOK?!?!?  Contact me for a new code!  

 After you have made an account, go into the 'music studio' (microphone icon),

click 'view songlist'

choose a song and practice it several times

press the red button, and record it

click 'save take'

go into 'saved recordings' and click 'submit'

5 songs due per week.  Easy & Fun :)





Oil your valves!   Grease your slide!   Grease your corks!   Store your reeds in their holder!

Brass: buzz your mouthpiece & buzz loooooong tones; buzz your scales

FL, CL, SAX, TPT, Low Brass: play looooong tones.  Can you hold a note for 20 seconds? 30?  (Flutes, don't pass out)

Concert Bb tuning note (put an ear bud in one ear & play).  Are you in tune? Or sharp or flat???

Can you play your chromatic scale?  Look at the fingering chart in the back of the book.

Percussion students:  let’s master our rudiments:

Start on Bronze tempo, work your way up to DIAMOND tempo!


Excellent, SIMPLE, easy to use metronome:


More advanced, COOL features metronome:


Can you count and play these rhythms?  We've done this in class!  Try changing the ‘note options’ for an extra challenge:


Want to explore some nerdy science music experiments?  Caution: it’s really fun. Excellent visualization of how overtones/harmonics function:


What is music theory?  Simply put, it explains how music works.  Plenty of FREE lessons here:


Browser-based music GAMES.  Warning: learning might happen: