• UPDATE 4/20/20

      ELA Students:

      Hi Guardians and Students,

      Hope you all took this last week to relax. Just wanted to let you know starting Monday and for the rest of the school year I will be posting my assignments on google classroom. It is a way to centralize everything the students are working on and the students can keep track of what assignments they have or have not submitted. 
      Assignments will be added every Sunday starting April 19 and all assignments for the week are due by Friday at 11:59 PM. Please make sure you check Google Classroom DAILY so you don't fall behind. 
      How to log in to google classroom:
      Login to Google Classroom through your Clever account. It is imperative that you login via Clever so that it sends you to the district Google Classroom.

       Sty Skillls Students:

      Login to Clever and click i-Ready. Choose READING and do TEN of the lessons. Your goal is to finish these ten lessons by the end of the school year. You must pass each lesson with at least a 70% or higher. Here is the link again to for clever 


      UPDATE 3/23/20

      Hi Students and Guardians,

      Hope you all are taking care of yourselves. As of now, we will be returning back to school on April 20th.

      Due to this, I have added assignments for the week of April 6-9th (10th is a board holiday). For that week we decided to use the Clever platform. Students, you will be reading two different articles and answer questions/highlight as you read the text. For those who do not have access to Clever, there are PDF versions of the articles as well. The directions on how to log into Clever are on page 5 of the slides. 

      For do nows we have also included an online form as another way to submit. There is a link on the bottom right corner of each day that week to submit. If you prefer to continue writing your do now answers that is fine as well. 

      Here is the link again for the assignments and do nows-



      UPDATE 3/16/20:

      Hi Guardians and Students,

    As of now school is out for 3 weeks to make sure everyone stays healthy and safe. Due to that, as a school we've adjusted assignments. Currently we are working on paper versions of the assignments, once I know more information about pick up times for assignments I will be sure to pass on the information.

    For work, students please choose 6 text from the studysync "Moral Compass" and answer the Think and Focus Questions (you do not have to do the writing assignment anymore). Use RACE and TLQC to answer the questions and write on a separate piece of paper. 


    There will also be a do now each day on bit.ly/eng8donow , please make your own handout for the next few weeks. 


    Please go to bit.ly/pinedawork for more information and as an extra resource. If you are unsure of what text to choose, I have links for printable and online response versions of the assignments, also PDF of the different text.