School Safety

  • Pittsburg Unified School District (PUSD) approaches safety with an overabundance of caution and while we have plans and processes in place to mitigate and manage emergency situations, please know that school safety is not something we can do alone. The partnership and support that we have with our local law enforcement and our school community is critical.

See Something, Say Something

  • If You See Something, Say Something - Don't Spread It - Report It!


    This is the best deterrent to potentially harmful situations. We want everyone on our campus, including parents, guardians and guests to be empowered to report any unusual or suspicious activity to a site administrator, employee or police.

How We Prepare for Emergencies

  • Planning/Practice:

    Safety Plans: All school sites and district facilities have safety plans in place which are updated yearly and as-needed throughout the year. Contact your child's school for more information.

    Drills: Schools regularly conduct safety drills with students and staff to prepare for a variety of potential situations. Drills include procedures for lock down, earthquake, and fire.



    Staff trainings and school site trainings occur throughout the year on various safety related items.


    Partnership with Law Enforcement:

    We partner with the Pittsburg Police Department to provide School Resource Officers (SROs), which are police officers who serve our schools.



    Each site has emergency supplies and equipment, which are inventoried and re-supplied when needed.


Contact Us

  • Emergency: Call 911

    Contact your child's school administration for questions about safety - School Directory

    Alicia Bush
    Supervisor, Site Safety & Emergency Preparedness
    P:925-473-2300 x 3141



  • In the case of an emergency at our schools, we ask that you please remember to look for official information from the school or district. We deliver messages via school and district websites, email, phone, text, and district social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter. Please ensure that your child’s school has your most current contact information on file.