Ms. Raissa Mbiin



Degrees and Certifications:

Masters Degree in English Masters Degree in Special Education

Ms. Raissa Mbiin

I am an  Education Specialist, graduate of San Francisco State University. I am originally from Cameroon, Central Africa. I have served in public schools since 2016, starting with Oakland Unified School District. This is my first year at MLK and I am loving it; the TEAMwork and supports are exceptional. I teach reading intervention (using the Read 180 program) to 6th-8th grade scholars with learning disability. I am a resident of Pittsburg since 2013, and I am happy to give back to my community.

Being an advocate for my scholars is the best part of my job. I write Education plans designed to meet the unique needs of each scholar with a disability. I collaborate with General education teachers to make sure these plans are fully implemented, so that our scholars get the accommodations and modifications they need in order to access the general education curriculum like the rest of their peers. My Philosophy is : Every Child Can Learn, Just Not on the Same Day, in the Same Way, or at the Same Pace.


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