• Quarter 1

    Posted by Elizabeth Traub on 10/14/2019

    This year was a bumpy start:  Due to class size balancing, lots of classes got a bit disrupted at the beginning few weeks and we had kids moving into and out of classes until early september.  But we are now in full swing!


    There are 2 IED teachers this year:

    One is also the APCSA teacher and does a Computer Science Discoveries class as well.  The other teaches only IED.  This is big, guys!  This is a great sign for the program!

    We are not running CIM or CEA this year:  we hope to run those next year, with a bunch of interested students!

    But we DO have the EDR class and AP CSP classes as separate classes:  last year due to numbers we had to combo-class it:  which meant half the room was in EDR, and the other half was in CSP.  Made lecturing AND building AND groupwork simulateously very interesting.

    We have 16 sections of PLTW  - Engineering or Computer Science classes happening this year.

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  • End of 2019

    Posted by Elizabeth Traub on 6/4/2019

    And this year wraps up!

    We will be back at freshman orientation:


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  • GEARs Students: Reflection

    Posted by Elizabeth Traub on 5/21/2019

    What do you remember most about the classes you take in High School?  The classwork, the room, the teacher, a specific project?

    The GEARs teachers will be asking students to fill out a google form reflection their last week of school or during finals:  To try to collect data about how the class was in the students view, how to improve the speed, learning, and presentation styles - and what the students thought about what they were taught!

    We will compare that to what the teachers thought, and try to use that data to improve classroom involvement and collaboration, and perhaps change up some projects to be more current!

    - Ms. T

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