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  • How do I know who is teaching what?

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    Click on the name of the teacher to show which classes they teach!

    Granted, multiple teachers for the same class exist, and so this isn't a foolproof "all students in __ have ___", but it's a good start - especially at the upper div level classes!

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  • Why does it say some letter abbreviation?

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    The classes are all denoted in the PLTW system with a letter code, and we tend to use that often.


    IED: Intro to (Engineering) Design

    POE:  Principles of Engineering

    DE: Digital Electronics

    CSP: Comp Sci Principles

    CSA: Comp Sci App

    AE: Aerospace Engineering

    CEA: Civil Engineering and Architecture

    CIM: Comp Integrated Manufacturing

    EDR: Engineering Design and Research, sometimes called EDD for "and Development"


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