The California Department of Education (California Healthy Youth Act Ed. Code 51930-51930, *Ed. Code 51225.36, California Family Code Section 6925-28 and the Sexual Health accountability Act of 2007) mandates that schools implement a comprehensive sexual health education program. Twelve Lessons are given in Junior High and High School. The following stated requirement based lessons are covered at Junior High and High School level:

    Lesson 1 – Life Planning

    Lesson 2 – Healthy Relationship

    Lesson 3 – Relationship Abuse

    Lesson 4 – Family Planning and Contraception

    Lesson 5 – Teen Pregnancy, Choices and Responsibilities

    Lesson 6 – Myths and Stereotypes about HIV Infection Sexually Transmitted Infections

    Lesson 9 – 10 Media and Peer Pressure

    Lesson 11 – Assessing Community Resources

    Lesson 12 – Steps to Success

    Sexual Health Education for Junior High and High Schools uses curriculum that was developed in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health and the Federal Office of Adolescent Health. California believes that “Sexual Health Education is a vital healthy and rational choice regarding interpersonal relationship and sexual behavior are among the most important decisions facing adolescents. Pressures to conform to media messages regarding relationships, love and sex may at minimum confuse teens, if not actually endanger them. However, confining or judgmental views may also confuse, alienate or discourage adolescents from forming a healthy self-image and healthy lifelong relationships with others.” (Positive Prevention plus, Kim Robert Clark, Dr. PH, and Christine Janet Riddley, RN, MED 2016).