For those who don’t know what FRC is, it means First Robotics Competition.And it just happens that Pittsburg High has a robotics team (5430), which you should join. We have to keep in mind that this just the trailer, so only the people who made the game know how to play, or even the rules.If you haven’t watched the trailer, it is recommended that you do.This years trailer seems to be set in the future, but is also somehow related to Star Wars which is shown be the appearances of BB8 and R2D2.It has also been found out that at 0:14 the yellow sign says “First City”.At 0:41 the sign above the door says “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY”.And at 0:19 the flying blimp with a sign reads “Threat detected”.One theory is that there are 2 teams and one is the bad side and the other is good. The link to the teaser trailer The link to the translated signs

  • The Deep Space 2019 game for FRC, involves students and teams around the globe with the singular mission to find refuge from the sandstorm. This also includes teams applying cooperation before and during the competition.

  •      The VEX robotics competition is a game where we design robots to accomplish certain goals and tasks. This years VEX 2019-2020 competition is called tower takeover. Tower takeover is a game where there are towers multiple points of the arena where cubes can be scored and there are also goals in each corner of the arena where cubes can also be scored. Each cube scored of the same color increases the amount of points scored for every cube of the same color.


          For this years VEX competition we have already come up with robot designs. The design we’ve come up with is either a four or 6 bar design with two perpendicular chassis so it can drive on both sides. Another we robot that we designed is a robot with a four wheel base and two elbow joints so it can reach the tower.It is based on the towers only.