Science Club
  • Welcome to Science Club!


    The Science Club is a student-led club that encourages students to socialize and experience science in a friendly environment where students who are interested in learning about our world are able to connect with other students with similar interests.  Our club advisors are Mr. Davis and Ms. Inouye and we meet every day at Lunch except Tuesdays.


    ·         Past club successes/highlights and future goals for the club

    o   We have taken a trip to the Exploritorium and will do that again this year on 11/27

    o   We’ve had two fundraisers

    o   Several students have viewed stereographic images (3d images printed on a 2d surface)

    o   We play Kahoot!




    If any of this sounds fun or interesting to you, please join the Science Club!

Science Club Advisors

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Club Student Leaders

  • Student leaders: E. Guzman, E. Rodriguez, Robert, and Chelsea