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    About Señora Navone

    I am in my third year of teaching Spanish at Pittsburg High School. I grew up in California and graduated from Clayton Valley High School. I went to the University of Puget Sound in Washington State to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and in International Affairs. As part of my studies, I spent 6 months in Alicante, España and traveled to Nicaragua as part of a diplomatic team during the last year of the Sandinista.

    After graduating, I married and started a family. I wanted to keep my Spanish skills, so I began working at Centro Latino - SER in Tacoma, Washington. Eventually, I became the Literacy Manager there, where I taught adults English, how to pass the GED, citizenship tests, etc. I also developed the computer curriculum for our alternate high school and developed an after-school program for children in elementary school. At Centro Latino, I needed to speak Spanish Monday - Friday as I worked with members of our community who needed help. I met my comadre there,who eventually came and lived with my family for 17 hears, so we spoke Spanish at home.

    Eventualy, I worked in the 2-year college system in Washington State for almost 20 years. I worked as both an instructor, and I had a variety of Student Services roles, including the Director of the Student Success Center. I worked in both a vocational - technical college and in the second largest institution of higher education after the University of Washington. I earned a Master's in Education from Seattle University and, eventually, my  teaching credential from St. Mary's. In addition to my many roles in the college system, I had the pleasure of working on several grants, one that helped students with different learning abilities to learn and how to help teachers teach them, and on another that looked at who wasn't succeeding in college and developing a support system/program to improve those outcomes.

    I've been back in California for 6 years. I taught Spanish at Mt. Diablo High School for the two years before coming to Pittsburg. I love the Spanish language and so much about the people and the culture. I'm honored to have the opportunity to share that with our next young adult population.