• Be Honest, Be Kind, and Try Hard!

    1. Respect your classmates, your teacher, and your environment.
    2. Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings at the beginning and at the end of class.
    3. No electronics in class unless directed by Mr. LaBass. Unless you have written permission from administration, phones, iPods, music devices, headphones, etc. should be off and not visible any time in class.  Use without permission will result in confiscation.  Three choices you have are to: 1) Get the device back after completing 30 minutes of community service in class, 2) Have your offense recorded and your device is taken to the office by the end of the day, or 3) Choose to not give up your phone and get a referral and administrative discipline instead.
    4. You can consume food in class if that food is uncooked fruit and vegetables. Water is the only fluid you can have in class.
    5. Hats/head-coverings worn in class at any time may result in confiscation and be returned at the end of the period it was confiscated in on the following school day.

    Please refer to your student handbook for the rest of the dress code and school rules/policies.