Restorative Justice

  • Pedro Mayorga Alexander Pedro Mayorga was a Restorative Justice Coordinator for SEEDS! Cultivating Community, Transforming Conflict for the past 2 years.  In his role, Pedro facilitated conflict resolution circles, and implemented restorative practices with students and school personnel.  Prior to that role Pedro was a Program Coordinator and a group facilitator with Center for Human Development, Four Corners Program in Pittsburg. The program’s goal is to stop the cycle of gang violence by facilitating support groups and supporting youth and their families to find positive outlets to express their anger. Pedro has extensive experience working with high school and middle school students. He takes pride in working in the City of Pittsburg. Pedro served as a platform for parents and youth to communicate their needs, feel heard, and learn how to resolve issues. Pedro’s experience includes conflict resolution, group facilitation, and youth mentoring. Additionally, Pedro takes pride in teaching student’s self-awareness and cultural humility. Pedro has also provided professional development workshops for teachers, administration, and school personnel on topics such as social justice and structural racism. 

    In February of 2016 Pedro was selected as the Key Note Speaker for the Black Student Union at Pittsburg High School. His background includes being an active community volunteer, ESL Instructor in Bay Point and a former interpreter for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.

    Pedro takes pride in volunteering and helping others in need. In his spare time his passions include the art of music, meditation, and reading. Pedro is a nerd at heart and a devoted father. 

  • Restorative Justice Google Classroom Links

  • These are the pictures from the circle that was facilitated by my 8th grade Restorative Justice Ambassador group in Ms. Bonwell's 6th period Warrior success class.

    The Community Building Circle topic was about "How to build a better sense of community through dialogue and Holding safe spaces to due so". The students created a safe space for Ms. Bonwell's 6th period class to be able to express things that they want to improve about our school and what steps we need to take as a community to accomplish that goal. Our RJ Ambassadors really appreciated listening to all of our 6th graders great ideas around that topic.