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Shelter in Place Lessons/Activities:

(Traducción al español a continuación)

Hello parents and scholars of Mr. Fagundes PE classes.  This is a difficult time for all of us as we are sheltering in place and not going to school for our learning and daily PE.  I am posting scholars in Mr. Fagundes' PE classes daily warm ups below along with a few fitness lessons scholars should know very well as we have done these exercises multiple times throughout the year.  It is important to try and have 30-60 minutes a day of physical activity so our scholars continue to grow healthy and develop physically active habits.  If you have space in your family room, garage, balcony in an apartment or any where you can isolate your scholar and self they can easily perform these warm-ups/lessons and even teach you how to do them.  Please feel free to try these with your scholar and try and have them physically active for at least 30 minutes every day.  The district recommends we have 3 hours a week for each subject areas.  These fitness lessons at 30 minutes a day would be 2:30 hours a week, then scholars can spend 30 minutes working on the assignments in the PE Remote Learning Packet.  The 2nd page has a fitness log, where they can perform these fitness lessons then fill out a page in the log to document they did the fitness lesson for that day.



Office Hours: My contact office hours will be Wednesdays and Fridays 10:00am to 12:00pm.  I will always try and reply to any messages I receive within an hour during the school week.  I will do my best to answer any questions or concerns I receive after school hours.  And may have some other delayed responses as I have a remote learner of my own at my home and other obligations with meetings with school staff or scholars. 


Zoom Class Sessions: Look out for a remind message and an email with the link for the zoom session for each period.

1st period Mondays (10:00am to 11:00am)

3rd period Tuesdays (10:00am to 11:00am)

4th period Tuesdays (11:00am to 12:00pm)  

5th period Thursdays (10:00am to 11:00am) This is my computers class, your login are still active and working

6th period Thursdays (11:00am to 12:00pm


You can also email (, call and leave a voicemail (925-473-2500 ext. 3555), remind message (@mrfagunde) to set up any meeting you need with me or to answer any questions or concerns about any of the work your scholar has.



PE Remote Learning Packet

The above link is the PE Packet sent home for remote learning towards scholars 4th quarter grade. Scholars are encouraged to follow the weekly fitness lesson ideas from the assignment tabs.  But if scholars are injured or can not find ways to be physically active while remote learning the packet offer written work that can be accepted towards their 4th quarter grade.  If scholars do not have a printed version of the packet, they can write out their responses and send me a picture of the hand written work.


Click on this sentence or the assignments tab to the right of this writting for details on weekly fitness lessons:  Scholars in my classes have done most of these lessons at least twice a quarter throughout the year.  New ones and exercises we have done will have video examples and explanitions of the exercises they are asked to perform.  You can do them with your scholar for a great family fitness activitiy! Please have scholars try to do these lessons 30 minutes a day during their school week to keep in shape and help with the cabin fever of being in a shelter in place situation. The 2nd page of the PE Remote Learning Packet has a fitness log, scholars can use a scratch paper and fill out the fitness log after they have performed the lessons.  These will count as assignments scholars have done for PE during remote learning time.  My wife, daughter and I have been doing these lessons daily ourselves to keep in shape and keep the body moving.  Please join your scholar if you can and help promote and active and healthy life, especially with the shelter in place and social distancing we are all practicing right now.


The warm ups below you can have your scholar do 1-2 times a day, and I highly recommend they do them before any other class work they work on or before doing any of the PE lessons.  Activating the body physically has been proven to help with cognition and class work!  



Suggested Daily exercise for our scholars:

Mr. Fagundes Warm Ups: (each warm up has a video that best shows how the exercise looks and if you or your scholar become confused there is a great explanation of the exercise.)


x10 curl-ups: ( )

Mr. Fagundes scholars do 10 curl ups a day and we use the cadence: A-B-D-O-M-I-N-A-L-S as we count off the 10 curl ups.  Scholars do these many times on the concrete at school so they should easily be able to do their warm ups on the family room floor, kitchen floor, balcony anywhere they have some space to move. Scholars should start with their shoulder blades on the ground, knees bent and arms at their side.  They go up for the first rep and their hands should go to about their feet contracting the abdominal muscles.

x9 push-ups: ( )

Scholars do 9 push ups daily to the cadence: P-E-C-T-O-R-A-L-S.  Not all scholars can do 9 full push ups yet, they have been allowed to do "modified push ups."  Modified push ups look like regular push ups, except their knees will be on the ground.  Scholars should still have a straight back and want to bend their elbows to a 90 degree angle and should feel resistance as they go down and back up.  If they are not feeling resistance they are not strengthning the chest, arm and back muscles.

x5 Lunges: ( )

Scholars should now stand up and be ready for their lunges.  The will extend their left leg out and bend down with both legs creating a 90 degree angle with their right leg and their left extended leg should not have their knee go past the toes.  They will work in a 1-2-3 cadence, so out with their left leg being their body down into a lunge (1), then they return to a stand up position (2) and then they extend out their right leg into a lunge (3) and that is 1 rep.  They return to a stand postion and repeat the lunge process for 5 total reps of both legs performing a lunge.

x5 Straight leg kicks:  ( )

The straight leg kick will start in the same standing position as the lunge, the scholars will extend their left left up above their waist and use their right arm to attempt to touch their toe as it raises above their waist (1).  They will return to the standing position (2) and then extend their right leg and left arm to meet the leg as it goes about the waist (3).  They will do 5 reps of these also.

x5 Arm cicles: ( )

Scholars are looking to do a full range of motion with their arms and shoulders.  Scholars should start with their elbows and fists together out infront of their face.  Scholars then raise their arms up for the first part of the cadence until their elbows seperate and their elbows are above their head (1).  They will then seperate their arms keeping the arms straight and roll them around like a clock the top of their body down to their knees (2) and back to the starting position (3).  They will perform 5 arm circle this way moving their arms through their shoulders in a full range of motion.  

20 second high knees: ( )

Scholars will stand in place and jog in place by bringing their knees up above their waist in a continous motion rotating each leg/knee up 1 at a time.  Scholars should always have a leg off the ground and their heart rate should be getting up through out this 20 seconds or more.

x10 Tiger Jacks: ( )

Scholars will perform jumpjacks in a 1-2-3 (1) cadence.  So scholars are actually doing about 30 jumping jacks, they will do a jumping jack per number and after 3 count off a rep.  So 1,2,3 jumping jacks and 1, then 1,2,3 more and 2, and 1,2,3 more and 3, and so on until they get to the 10th rep.  The video shows exactly how this should look.


Scholars are extremely familiar  with these exercises; we have done them multiple times throughout the year. Please have the scholars give their best effort to the warm ups each day.  Studies show physical activity is so helpful to their growth and can help with learning once the body gets moving.  Now that you have a time set aside for your scholar to work on remote learning, starting with these warm ups is a great idea to get the most out of the learning session!  A physically activated brain learns better than one that just starts the learning from a state of rest.  As we are all doing our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, pelase work out with your scholar and encourage movement as much as you can. 




Versión en español de la página del profesor:

Hola padres y estudiosos de las clases de educación física del Sr. Fagundes. Este es un momento difícil para todos nosotros, ya que nos estamos refugiando en el lugar y no vamos a la escuela para nuestro aprendizaje y educación física diaria. Estoy publicando académicos en las clases de educación física del Sr. Fagundes a continuación, junto con algunas lecciones de acondicionamiento físico que los académicos deben saber muy bien, ya que hemos hecho estos ejercicios varias veces durante el año. Es importante intentar realizar 30-60 minutos diarios de actividad física para que nuestros alumnos continúen creciendo saludables y desarrollen hábitos físicamente activos. Si tiene espacio en su habitación familiar, garaje, balcón en un apartamento o en cualquier lugar donde pueda aislar a su estudiante y a sí mismo, pueden realizar fácilmente estos calentamientos / lecciones e incluso enseñarle cómo hacerlo. Por favor, siéntase libre de probar esto con su estudiante e intente que estén físicamente activos durante al menos 30 minutos todos los días. El distrito recomienda que tengamos 3 horas a la semana para cada materia. Estas lecciones de acondicionamiento físico a 30 minutos por día serían 2:30 horas a la semana, luego los estudiantes pueden pasar 30 minutos trabajando en las tareas en el Paquete de Aprendizaje Remoto de Educación Física. La segunda página tiene un registro de estado físico, donde pueden realizar estas lecciones de estado físico y luego completar una página en el registro para documentar que hicieron la lección de estado físico para ese día.



Horario de atención: Mi horario de atención será de lunes a viernes de 8 a.m. a 5 p.m. Siempre trataré de responder cualquier mensaje que reciba dentro de una hora cuando se envíe en este horario de oficina durante la semana escolar. Haré todo lo posible para responder cualquier pregunta o inquietud que reciba después del horario escolar. Y es posible que tenga otras respuestas tardías ya que tengo un alumno remoto en mi casa y otras obligaciones con las reuniones con el personal de la escuela o los académicos.

cuchillas en el suelo, rodillas dobladas y brazos a los costados. Suben para la primera repetición y sus manos deben acercarse a sus pies contrayendo los músculos abdominales.

Flexiones x9: (

Los académicos hacen 9 flexiones diarias a la cadencia: P-E-C-T-O-R-A-L-S. No todos los académicos pueden hacer 9 flexiones completas todavía, se les ha permitido hacer "flexiones modificadas". Las flexiones modificadas parecen flexiones regulares, excepto que sus rodillas estarán en el suelo. Los académicos aún deben tener una espalda recta y querer doblar los codos en un ángulo de 90 grados y deben sentir resistencia a medida que bajan y retroceden. Si no sienten resistencia, no fortalecen los músculos del pecho, brazos y espalda.

x5 Estocadas: (

Los eruditos ahora deberían ponerse de pie y estar listos para sus estocadas. Extenderán su pierna izquierda hacia afuera y se doblarán hacia abajo con ambas piernas creando un ángulo de 90 grados con su pierna derecha y su pierna extendida izquierda no debe hacer que su rodilla pase los dedos de los pies. Trabajarán en una cadencia de 1-2-3, por lo que con la pierna izquierda con el cuerpo hacia abajo en una estocada (1), luego regresan a una posición de pie (2) y luego extienden su pierna derecha hacia una estocada (3) y eso es 1 rep. Vuelven a una posición de pie y repiten el proceso de embestida para 5 repeticiones totales de ambas piernas realizando una embestida.

x5 Patadas de pierna recta: (

La patada en la pierna recta comenzará en la misma posición de pie que la estocada, los académicos extenderán su izquierda izquierda por encima de su cintura y usarán su brazo derecho para intentar tocar su dedo del pie mientras se eleva por encima de su cintura (1). Regresarán a la posición de pie (2) y luego extenderán la pierna derecha y el brazo izquierdo para encontrarse con la pierna a medida que avanza por la cintura (3). Harán 5 repeticiones de estos también.

x5 Armicicles: (

Los académicos buscan hacer un rango completo de movimiento con sus brazos y hombros. Los académicos deben comenzar con sus codos y puños juntos frente a su cara. Los eruditos luego levantan los brazos durante la primera parte de la cadencia hasta que sus codos se separan y sus codos están por encima de su cabeza (1). Luego separarán sus brazos manteniendo los brazos rectos y los rodarán como un reloj con la parte superior de su cuerpo hasta las rodillas (2) y de vuelta a la posición inicial (3). Realizarán un círculo de 5 brazos de esta manera moviendo los brazos por los hombros en un rango completo de movimiento.

Rodillas altas de 20 segundos: (

Los eruditos se pararán en su lugar y trotarán levantando las rodillas por encima de la cintura en un movimiento continuo girando cada pierna / rodilla 1 a la vez. Los académicos siempre deben tener una pierna levantada del suelo y su ritmo cardíaco debe aumentar durante estos 20 segundos o más.

x10 Tiger Jacks: (

Los académicos realizarán jumpjacks en una cadencia 1-2-3 (1). Por lo tanto, los académicos están haciendo alrededor de 30 saltos, harán un salto por número y después de 3 contarán un representante. Entonces 1,2,3 saltos y 1, luego 1,2,3 más y 2, y 1,2,3 más y 3, y así hasta que lleguen al décimo representante. El video muestra exactamente cómo debería verse esto.


Los eruditos están extremadamente familiarizados con estos ejercicios; Los hemos hecho varias veces durante todo el año. Por favor, haga que los estudiantes den su mejor esfuerzo a los ejercicios de calentamiento todos los días. Los estudios demuestran que la actividad física es muy útil para su crecimiento y puede ayudar con el aprendizaje una vez que el cuerpo se mueve. Ahora que tiene un tiempo reservado para que su alumno trabaje en el aprendizaje remoto, ¡comenzar con estos ejercicios de calentamiento es una gran idea para aprovechar al máximo la sesión de aprendizaje! Un cerebro activado físicamente aprende mejor que uno que simplemente comienza a aprender desde un estado de reposo. Como todos estamos haciendo nuestra parte para ayudar a prevenir la propagación de COVID-19, trabaje con su estudiante y fomente el movimiento tanto como pueda.


(Pre-selter in place web information)

Welcome to Mr. Fagundes’ Physical Education program.

Our focus is to learn to cooperate together as a team or in groups to achieve goals in sports or physical activity.  We want our scholars to improve their cardio vascular endurance with a weekly mile and fitness day(s).  We work on learning some of the basic muscles used in activity and hope our scholars find a life long fitness activity they enjoy.  We engage in many team sports and exercises and hope our scholars learn about new sports they may have never tried before while having fun.  Or increase their skills in the activites they love to play while learning to work together with their peers.

Does your scholar need to make up lost points for PE?  We have make up days a couple times a quarter to allow scholars to earn extra credit to make up lost points.  We also have PE Mastery center once a month where scholars can make up points after school, on the first Tuesday of the month (weather permitting).

I can be reached at our school number, ext 3555.  (925 473-2500 Ext 3555), email or my remind code: 98185050 @mrfagunde

Thank you and go Tigers!