Lead Testing of Drinking Water

  • Safety is a priority for Pittsburg Unified District and this includes providing clean water to students and staff throughout the District’s schools. In December 2017, PUSD put paperwork in motion with the City of Pittsburg to conduct lead testing at all PUSD school sites. This action was a result of Assembly Bill 746 (AB 746). On October 13, 2017, AB 746 was approved by California Governor, Jerry Brown. AB 746 states all California schools constructed before January 1, 2010, shall test for lead in the potable water system of the school site on or before July 1, 2019. The state of California mandated water agencies to pay for lead testing of drinking water in California schools.


    The water testing at PUSD schools consisted of at least five water samples; samples were taken from all thirteen of Pittsburg’s schools. Additionally, testing was conducted at the Youth Development Center (YDC) on 1001 Stoneman Avenue and Pittsburg Adult Education Center (PAEC) on 1151 Stoneman Avenue. According to the sampling results, all of the water samples do not detect or are below the “Action Level” of 15 parts per billion. This is the level at which treatment or other action is not required.


    On January 2, 2018, the school district received a letter from the Water Treatment Plant in the City of Pittsburg stating, “All the lead sampling results meet California and Federal Guidelines.” The letter and test results were presented to the School Board on January 24, 2018 and can be found online via Board Docs on the January 24, 2018 meeting agenda, item # 7.04. The documents may also be downloaded below.

    Letter from City of Pittsburg

    Water Sampling Results