• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What’s your grading policy?


    Daily work & homework is graded on a completeness basis. Assessments & projects are graded on accuracy and precision. Exit Ticket and Professionalism points are like participation points, and just require you to make an honest attempt at the work provided


    Q2. Wait. Homework?  Homework????


    Actually, it is one assignment per week, and it is due Friday. And you have time during class to do it.


    Q3. I heard you’re a pretty chill teacher. What’s your class like?


    • It’s pretty straight forward. I like routine. We do warm-ups. We do some guided notes with clickers. We do stations or quiz-quiz-trade a few times a week. Assessments every Friday. We will do one Problem of the Month per quarter, and a Performance Task every other week.

    • There is no cell phone charging. I catch you; your phone box goes to iPrison. No exceptions.

    • No bathroom passes 10 minutes before/after the bell.

    Q4. I suck at math.


    Not really, it’s scientifically proven that you can’t “suck at math.” Trust me.


    Q5. I missed a few days, can I get some late work?


    You can ask for a late work print out starting on the second week.  ALL missing work is located in a corresponding FOLDER on the table by the door. Any late work is due at the beginning of the last week of the quarter.


    Q6. Speaking of late work, is there a penalty?


    All late work is basically 50% off. You miss class; you don’t get the full points. 


    Q7. Can I get some extra credit?


    Sure. Just do the following stuff:

    • Do all your work – ALL OF IT. Sometimes the daily work gives you 6 points instead of the usual 5.

    • Sit in the front row. You get 1 point per day, and you can earn up to 25 points during the entire quarter. That’s like an entire weeks’ worth of assignments!

    • Come to after-school tutoring on Tuesdays. You get a clean 5 free points for working on stuff on your own time (like making up a quiz or something).


    Q8. This class is too hard.


    No, it’s not. Ask anyone, really.


    Q9. What do you mean I CAN’T improve my 20% to a 75% during the last week of school?


    This class is built on the fact that you do will do work starting on day 1 all the way through day 45. If you miss days and don’t do make up work, you’re going to miss out on critical exit tickets, participation, and freebie Problem of the Month days.


    Let me ask YOU a question:


    Is it FAIR to everyone else that you miracle a passing grade by copying someone else’s work during the last week of school to magically pass a class?  I didn’t think so.