• Overview

    Dads on Guard is based off on the national model, "Dads of Great Students". D.O.Gs is a group of volunteer dads on campus whose mission is to support with the well-being and everyday functions of growing students on campus.


    D.O.Gs are visible members whose duties may include the following: greeting parents and students around the school, helping students get to class, support in cafeteria and recess duties and activities, assist in dismissal and traffic, sharing and/or teaching their professional craft, as well as assist in supporting after school events. D.O.Gs may also be asked to attend Restorative Justice and Soul Shoppe trainings as necessary. We want you to be visible on campus and wear your DOG t-shirt while volunteering!

    Code of Conduct

    "If Julie or Staci wouldn't do it, don't do it!" 


    Treat everyone with respect, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity and consideration. Interact with students, staff and families in a friendly manner, and keep school business confidential. 

    How can I join?

    Dads, grandpas, uncles , we want you! We appreciate any time that can be donated! It's not just volunteering, it's an adventure to share with your child. Please pick up a District's volunteer packet in the office or contact your Parent and Family Liaison for more concerns.