After School Education and Safety (ASES) Overview

  • There are three ASES GRANT funding streams to provide extended learning opportunities for students attending Pittsburg Unified School District A.S.P.
    1. After School Base Grant
      Awarded yearly for all PUSD Elementary and Middle Schools(1-8)

      The BASE After School program must run every regular school day from the time of dismissal to at least 6:00 PM. The Base grant requires that we provide a comprehensive afterschool program including academic and enrichment activities as well as a literacy component. A nutritious snack is required. Parents must give the reason for an early dismissal and it must be recorded on the attendance sheet. In addition, the district must have an Early Release Policy.
    2. After School Supplemental Grant
      Awarded yearly for students attending Foothill, Highlands, Heights, Los Medanos, Hillview and Rancho (K-8)

      Supplemental program funds are available to offer programs during school intersession and summer vacation. Programs must operate a minimum of three hours per day, and provide a balance of academic and enrichment activities, as well as a nutritious snack. They may be off site and serve the students from designated schools. Program must operate a minimum of 30 intersession days.
    3. Before School Grant
      Awarded yearly for students attending Rancho and Hillview (6-8)

      Before school programs must run for 1½ hours and provide breakfast for participating students. All programs must align with the school day. The ASP Before School Program must run180 days.


    General Information

    • All ASES funding is based upon daily student attendance.
    • The overall goal of the ASES After School Program is to support student academic achievement.
    • Identified best practices are to be included in After School Programs and used as earmarks for quality programs. These practices are identified by C.D.E. and implementation is supported by various Region 4 Professional Development Events. Alignment with school day is required.