Our Departments

  • Curriculum and Instruction Student Services Special Education Dual Language Academic Data Athletics After School Early Childhood

    Curriculum and Instruction
    Our Commitment is to work closely with school sites to ensure the highest quality curriculum, instructional strategies, and materials are provided to all students. The department provides professional development opportunities for all staff, facilitates textbook adoptions, and provides ongoing review of course content to ensure alignment to standards.

    Student Services
    It is the mission of Student Services to support scholars and encourage their climb to higher education by:

    • Assisting school sites in the area of supporting scholars and encouraging their climb to higher education.
    • Aides in providing students with a safe and orderly environment for learning.
    • Strives to promote students ability to internalize and implement the life skills that will support and encourage them in their climb to higher education. 
    • Works collaboratively with parents, school staff, district staff and community members.
    • Is open to new concepts as they communicate effectively with stakeholders to support scholars and encourage their climb to higher education.
    • Provides reinforcement and interventions to schools and families, as necessary to support scholars and encourage their climb to higher education.
    • Utilizes data and assessments to assist in the decision making process in the following areas: Health and Safety, SARB, Student Placement, Expulsions and the Student Rights and Responsibility Handbook.

    Dual Language Instruction
    The Pittsburg Unified School District (PUSD) Spanish Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program is a K-12 enrichment model. The goals of the program include bilingualism, biliteracy, and multicultural awareness and sensitivity for all students participating in the program. PUSD is committed to consistent implementation of the program across the grade levels to achieve our goals.

    The program is based on the 90/10 model, in which 90% of instruction in kindergarten is in Spanish and 10% in English. The percentage of instruction in English is increased gradually until 50% of the instructional day is in English and 50% in Spanish. The ideal class composition 1/3 Spanish-dominant students, 1/3 English-dominant students and 1/3 bilingual students. As students become more proficient in their target language, the percentages change. Instruction in the DLI classrooms is based on the same state standards used across the District.

    Early Childhood Education
    The preschool program serves three and four year old children. Priority is given to four year old students as they prepare to enter kindergarten. Three year old children are able to attend as space is available. This program is for income qualified families so that we are able to serve those children with the greatest need.

    Special Education
    This department ensures that every student with special needs, as defined under federal law has equal opportunity for educational access in order to develop academic, social, and life skill competence.

    Academic Data
    Under the Educational Services Department, the Academic Data Team (ADT) provides leadership within Pittsburg Unified School District in the collection, management, and reporting of data pertaining to statewide, district-wide, and local assessments, enrollment, discipline, and demographic information, as collected from sites, with the use of several integrated and state of the art platforms, and in coordination with site administrators and staff. The Academic Data Team also supports the district office and the sites in the use of educational technology to improve the academic environment and student performance by providing training, assistance, and spearheading research and development.

    The Pittsburg Athletics Department is committed to enriching campus life through a program of interscholastic athletics. We promote the development of qualities in the student-athlete that will serve the participating individual and our community.Our goal is to field competitive, well-coached teams in all sports, while maintaining a high level of sportsmanship and respect for the game.

    We believe that participation in athletics is an integral part of the educational process. There are many lessons to be gained through participation in interscholastic athletics which include: sportsmanship, self-discipline, teamwork, commitment, and developing self-confidence, as well as dealing with success and overcoming adversity. We hope that these will be lifelong lessons and that through them we can develop positive citizens and community leaders.

    After School
    The goal of the program is to provide a safe and healthy environment where students can engage in active learning. Each afternoon the students will have the opportunity to work on homework and participate in enrichment and recreational activities. In addition, a healthy snack and supper is provided every day. Activities include:

    • Hands on Science
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Math and Language skill building
    • Sports
    • Nutrition
    • Dance
    • Multi-cultural performances
    • Music