Earn credits for working!

  • Students may earn Elective credits for working if they have a work permit on file.

    For every 36 hours a student works, they earn 1 elective credit (10 credits maximum per semester).


    1. age restrictions are 14-18 years old
    2. must have a 2.0 GPA or better
    3. must have 90% attendance (if student has a 70%-89% attendance, they may obtain a temporary 30 day work permit)
    4. must have no more than 1 suspension


    How to obtain a work permit: (Fall 2020)

    1.) If eligible, please download the work permit form (file below)

    2.) Completely fill out the work permit form

    3.) Once complete, turn in the completed work permit form to the BDHS school clerk:

    Ms. Edna Cabrera

    (925) 473-2510


    36 hours of work = 1 Elective credit!

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