Secondary Alternative Education Programs

  • If you are interested in transferring to Black Diamond High School or Pittsburg Independent Learning Center please contact your school counselor for the process.   


    Black Diamond High School
    This continuation program is designed to assist 16 to 18 years old students who may be low in high school credits, who need to work part-time, or who are seeking a smaller educational environment than that offered at PHS. Contact your high school counselor to discuss a transfer to this school.

    Pittsburg Independent Learning Center (formerly GRASP)
    This independent study program supports K-12th grade students and families wanting a learning environment independent of the regular school program. At these grade levels, students are expected to be able to operate independently in preparing homework and studying on their own. This program is for students who are already independent learners. Students who attend Pittsburg Independent Learning Center have their home school defined by the last school that the student attended before entering Pittsburg Independent Learning Center. High school graduates may receive a diploma from Black Diamond High School or Pittsburg High School. Contact your school counselor to discuss a transfer to this program.


    Golden Gate Community Day School- Not a PUSD program
    Students are considered for the Golden Gate Community School when referred by one or more of the following: Court wards or dependents whose case manager (Judge, Probation Officer, or Social Service) has determined that it is in the student's best interest to attend the Golden Gate Community School, and/or as a transition period from an institutional program. It also serves District students whose needs have been reviewed by the District School Attendance Review Board (SARB), or whose parents have requested attendance in the Golden Gate Community School. Expelled students who may no longer attend district schools may also attend this school. Students who have been referred by the Probation Department as informal probationers will be carried as an at risk student if agreed to by all parties. Since each Golden Gate Community School student was previously placed in a local school program, Golden Gate seeks to transition the students back to an appropriate educational, training, and/or employment setting upon completion of their contractual requirements. The Golden Gate program is student-centered and adapted to meet the student's individual needs.