Concurrent Enrollment: Evening Classes at the Pittsburg Adult Education Center ( PAEC)

  • Seniors may concurrently enroll for classes offered at the Adult Education Center, space permitting. These classes will count towards their high school graduation credits.


    Classes include, but are not limited to: English, Math, Sciences, History, and Electives.


    How to enroll (Fall 2020):

    Please notify your Counselor that you would like to enroll into an evening class. The counselor will provide you with the concurrent enrollment form and registration instructions.

    During Fall 2020 (distance learning), students will be given packets to take home. There are no in-person classes.


    Contact your Counselor today if you are interested in signing up. Space is very limited.

    E-mail Counselor Ibarra

    E-mail Counselor McKinney-Webster