• District Discipline Plan

    The district utilizes progressive discipline. The number of interventions that each teacher shall use before removing a child from the classroom and referring that child to the principal will depend on the infraction. Some infractions require suspension and some require expulsion recommendations and expulsion. For a more complete list of violations and consequences see Progressive Disciplinary Actions (K-5) or Progressive Disciplinary Actions (6 - 12)

    Conduct and Discipline

    The responsibility for fostering desirable standards of conduct in the Pittsburg Unified School District is shared by the Board of Education, administrators, teachers, support personnel, parents, and students alike. The Board of Education has adopted uniform policies and procedures for student conduct and discipline with the goal of promoting a school atmosphere conducive to learning and to the safety and welfare of students and school staff.

    Progressive Discipline Actions

    These are the district guidelines for discipline. School sites may adopt specific policies in addition to using these guidelines.

    Kindergarten - 5th Grade

    6th - 12th Grades

    The "K" Progressive Chart