About Teacher

 Jeannie Peirce, MPA

Phone: (925) 473-2400 X4973


Degrees and Certifications:

BA: Human Development, Adult Development Option – California State University, East Bay, Cum Laude. MPA: Public Administration, Public Management Option – California State University, East Bay. Designated Subjects Adult Education Teaching Credential: Part Time - Elementary and Secondary Basic Skills and Parent Education.

Jeannie Peirce, MPA

I am Jeannie Peirce and I have worked part-time for Pittsburg Adult Education Center since 2008. I started as a substitute for Independent Study, then became an Independent Study teacher and then morning Academic Advisor.

I am currently working two nights per week as an Independent Study Teacher, encouraging and supporting adult students, as they work towards earning their High School Diploma. I also work part-time as an Employment Specialist with DOR clients in our Career Center. I enjoy working with adults, as they are working towards their goals for a better life and options, for themselves and their families.


Current students, please email me for any questions about Independent Study.


My Reflections

School dismissal these last few months.  Uncertain times. Many adult students still progressed. They continued to work on their classes at home.  They worked toward their goals, for themselves and their families.  One step at a time.  Some saw this time as an opportunity to continue their dreams, and made the time to make it happen. Congratulations to our Graduates! 


More students are on their path and will graduate this summer and beyond.  Encourage family members and friends to continue with their education and goals.  It can be one class at a time.  The first step leads to the second step, which leads to choices and opportunities.


Jeannie Peirce

June 2020

By Danna Faulds 

Sun says, “Be your own illumination.”
Wren says, “Sing your heart out, all day long.”

Stream says, “Do not stop for any obstacle.”

Oak says, “When the wind blows, bend easily and

trust your roots to hold.”

Stars say, “What you see is one small slice of a

single modest galaxy.  Remember that vastness

cannot be grasped by the mind.”

Ant says, “Small does not mean powerless.”

Silence says nothing.  In the quiet,

everything comes clear.

I say, “Limitless.”

I say, “Yes.”