• What is Puente?
    Puente is a program for students, their parents, and their communities.  The purpose of the program is to help more students stay in school, attend and succeed in collge, and return to the community as mentors and leaders,
    How does Puente help students?
    Puente High School Students
    • Work with a Puente counselor who provides academic advising, helps prepare them for college admission, introduces them to career opportunities and stays connected to them throughout high school
    • Takes college preparatory English classes in the 9th and 10 grades that integrate Mexican American and Latino literature into the core curriculum.  Puente students are in class with the same students and teachers for two years.
    •  Meet with either a student or adult mentor who has been successful ins school
    • Take field trips to college campuses and professional workplaces
    For more information please contact the Puente counselor Ms. Danni Le