• Graduation Requirements


    The CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) is no longer required to graduate. For more information please access the California Department of Education website at http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/hs/cahseesuspendfaq.asp

    If you attended PAEC, completed all of your credits, but did not pass the CAHSEE, you may be eligible for a diploma. Please contact the Academic Advisors.

    High School Diploma- and Graduation Requirements:

    PAEC’s high school diploma course offers a competency based program. An adult will earn a diploma upon completion of a minimum of 175 credits (excluding physical education) to graduate. Students are required to earn at least 10 credits at the Pittsburg Adult Education Center. Credits from previous schools are counted toward graduation requirements. An Academic Advisor will analyze your transcripts and recommend courses that meet graduation requirement.

    Alternative Ways of Receiving Credit:

    California law allows adult students to receive credit toward a diploma for many different experiences. Credits will be accepted from the following sources:

    • Previous high school courses
    • Community or University Colleges courses
    • Correspondence schools
    • Military service
    • Work experience
    Subject Credits
    English 35
    Life Science 10
    Physical Science 10
    World History 10
    US History 10
    Government 05
    Economics 05
    Mathematics 10
    Algebra 10
    Fine Arts / Foreign Language 10
    Electives 60