• Here is a little bit about Ms. Denny!

    First thing you need to know: she LOVES teaching 5th grade!!!

    Trip to Paris Valentine's Day Party  


    • I received my Bachelor's degree, teaching credential, and Master's in Education from Saint Mary's College of California, where I was a member of the prestigious Teachers for Tomorrow Program. 


    • I'm a tough cookie! I believe in challenging students to become the very best they can be, both personally and academically. I set high expectations for ALL my students. Through hard work, rigorous studying, and determination, students will understand the value of success. Students learn very quickly that Ms. Denny means business!


    • I aboslutely LOVE the performing arts! I am a trained singer, dancer, and actor. I've been in many musicals and have even directed a few!


    • My classroom decorations rotate with each holiday and season. I even have a Christmas tree for each holiday. Just WAIT for the Valentine's Day tree! 


    • I have CRAZY costumes for every holiday, spirit day, and even super special lesson plans. 


    • I co-direct Heights Elementary School's talent show every year - such a fantastic time! Be sure to get tickets early!


    • I love rock and roll! Especially from the 70s and 80s! Aerosmith, Journey, Van Halen, and Led Zeppelin to name a few!