California Dashboard

  • New Tool For School Reporting

    California Department of Education has a new way to display school data. It is called the California Dashboard, the new website will help you see how Pittsburg Unified School District's schools are performing. Instead of schools receiving a number rating for performance (Academic Performance Index or API), the Dashboard gives a comprehensive view of particular focus areas.

    Dashboard Focus Areas:

    • Graduation rates
    • English language learners progress
    • Reducing Suspension rates
    • Progress for 3-8 grades on assessment in English
    • Progress for 3-8 grades on the state assessment in Math

View and Understand Dashboard

  • View Dashboard:

    Go to the California Dashboard and type "Pittsburg" in the box, to explore our district and schools. You are not able to see any data for individual students.

What Is the Dashboard Based On?

  • State and Local Indicators:

    The California School Dashboard displays scores based on state and local indicators. These indicators are specifically aligned with 10 priority areas spelled out in the state’s funding formula. The same priority areas are also embedded in the local control accountability plans (LCAP) that Pittsburg Unified School District prepares each year.

    The state indicators are:

    • Chronic absenteeism
    • Suspension rate
    • English learner progress
    • Academic (English language arts and math)
    • Graduation rate
    • College and career

    The local indicators are:

    • Appropriately assigned teachers, access to curriculum-aligned instructional materials and safe, clean and functional school facilities
    • Implementation of academic standards
    • Parent engagement
    • School climate

Reading Colored Pies and Five-by-Five Grid

  • Color-Coded Pies:

    Color-coded pies represent performance levels. Ranked from least favorable (Red) to most favorable (Blue). Learn more about how each color is assigned by visiting the California Accountability Model & School Dashboard webpage. The colors gauge how well the school or subgroup performed overall (status) and how much it improved or worsened over a three-year period (change).

    Color coded pie scale for California Dashboard

    Five-by-Five Colored Grid:

    Another way to view performance levels is to look at the Five-by-Five colored tables on the California Dashboard. Five Status and Change levels create a five-by-five grid that showcases twenty-five results. The calculations are based on current performance (status) and improvement over time (change). The result is a five-color-coded performance level for each indicator. Visit the California Department of Education website for additional information. The below example is how Suspension would be showcased in a five-by-five grid for an elementary school.

    Five by Five Example Chart of California Dashboard, showing suspensions

Meet the Dash: Videos About California Dashboard