California Dashboard

  • 2019 California School Dashboard Released

    The California Department of Education (CDE) has released the 2019 California School Dashboard for the 2018 – 2019 academic year.


    How to Read the Dashboard:

    The California School Dashboard reports data using a color system. Blue indicates the highest performance and red the lowest. When there is no score reported in a category, it generally means that too few students were represented at the school to report an indicator level. Access the Pittsburg Unified School District 2019 Dashboard here. As you scroll down, you will see an alphabetical list of our schools. The 2019 Dashboard provides parents and educators with meaningful information regarding student performance by displaying several focus areas.


    Dashboard Focus Areas:

    • Graduation Rates
    • Suspension Rates
    • School Attendance Rates
    • College/Career Readiness Rates
    • English Learner Progress
    • Test Scores

What Is the Dashboard Based On?

  • State and Local Indicators:

    The California School Dashboard displays scores based on state and local indicators. These indicators are specifically aligned with 8 priority areas spelled out in the state’s funding formula. The same priority areas are also embedded in the local control accountability plans (LCAP) that Pittsburg Unified School District prepares each year.


    The State Indicators Are:

    • Academic Performance
    • Graduation Rate
    • Suspension Rate
    • Chronic Absenteeism
    • English Learner Progress
    • College and Career


    The Local Indicators Are:

    • Implementation of Academic Standards
    • Parent Engagement
    • Basic Conditions
    • School Climate
    • Broad Course of Study