• Staci Belleci 

    Question: What inspired your career in education?

    Answer:  It was an innate passion that I had as a child.  I could not deny that passion while attending college at UC Berkeley.  I was getting ready to apply for business school (hoping to become a big CEO of a company), but my resume read multiple volunteer experiences in elementary schools, summer camps, and high school academies.  Working with students, building relationships, making connections, and most of all turning on “a lightbulb” in young minds was and still is, what makes me happy.  I followed my heart, and am so lucky to be doing what I love!

    Question: What do you enjoy most about being principal/ vice-principal?

    Answer:  I love being able to reach students and families on a global level versus being confined to one classroom. 

    Question: Why is family engagement an important part of the school experience for our scholars?

    Answer: We are all connected and support in the process of raising and growing young scholars and productive citizens.  Family engagement makes that process much easier! 

    Question: What is new in Highlands this school year? How have we grown as a community school?

    Answer: Over the last three years we have put much emphasis on expanding our resources to support students and families; Dads on Guard, Spirit Squad, Band, Choir, Peace Makers (student conflict managers), Circle Up (new to Highlands lunch club), Social skills lunch bunch, Act of Peace (promoting kind acts on campus) and Restorative Justice. As a community school, we have been connected to more resources, and are able to serve more students!

    Question: Where do you see Highlands Elementary five years from now?

    Answer: Five years from now I see Highlands more connected to each other, the school community and to the Pittsburg community in general! 

    Question: What is the most challenging aspect of your job as principal/vice-principal?

    Answer: Making everyone happy, so I do what is right by kids always!  Students first!

    Question: What is the most rewarding?

    Answer: Seeing personal and academic growth in students and professional growth in teachers and staff.  We are all learners!  It is also rewarding saying hi to students every morning!  Asking them about their weekends, or what they did the night before.  Our students are wonderful human beings, and getting to know every one of them is a great honor! 

  • Staci Belleci, Vice Principal