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Degrees and Certifications:

Single Subject Credential in Math BA Mathematics Minor in Computer Science Platinum 4 ranked PUSD Teacher of the Year 2018 NBC Sports All-Star Teacher Finalist 2018

Michael Ruibal

I was born a cold and witless child back in the early 80's.

We didn’t have any newfangled internets or fancy technologies to help us with our mathematical searches, as were at the dawn on the computer age. We couldn’t google things and had to rely on outside sources to do research and other important mathematical topics. Because of this lack of technology, I, at such a youth, had unknowingly begun upon a quest of epic proportions, massive derivatives, and finite integrals. This was to become the balanced equation that would be my life.

As I was determined to shed my ignorance, so I became an apprentice to many other leaders within the field of education. As I ranked up quickly, and learned the mystical secrets of the ancient arts of Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. I earned many trophies from defeating my enemies along the way. I slowly learned many talents, completed several challenge quests, and have no leftover missions from my early years that grant low xp. 

Eventually, I earned a highly-prized position of apprenticeship in college under the tutelage of a grandmaster mathematician for several years. As I earned my black belt in mathematics, I encouraged many other learners along the way under the keen eyes of the grandmasters above me. They influenced my path and, I in turn, influenced the paths of those who chose to follow infinite convergence. I conquered and solved my way through this differential path, proving that there was an epsilon within reach.

My quest was far from over, as the natural progression of time allowed me to rescue a mathematical maiden from the depths of irrationality and divergent series. We chose an N alongside one another and proved many theorems during our time together. We eventually coauthored a paper that allowed create a composite function that allowed us to bound an infimum and force a positive second derivative.

We vowed to use our knowledge to complete our final quest, which led us to the present day. We have the potential to solve all permutations of our theorem, which will relieve the final boss of all energy, leaving it inert, and then, after all experience and rare drops have been evenly partitioned, we will finally win the game.