Transcripts & Student Records



    You can fill out the form below and send it with a COPY of your ID,  to or to request transcripts or full student records

    Transcript Request Form



    • If you graduated high school in the last 5 years, your transcript/records are still at the school site.
    • If you graduated 6 or more years ago, your transcript is at Student Services:

    Pittsburg Unified School District
    Office of Student Services, Suite D
    2000 Railroad Ave
    Pittsburg, CA 94565

    Even if you did not graduate your records will be at Student Services.
    Student Services does not keep Adult Education or GED records, please contact Pittsburg Adult Education Center. 

    There is 1 option to obtain your transcript or records:

    To request your transcript or your full records from Student Services you may fill out the request form and email it WITH A COPY OF YOUR ID  to

    All Costs have been waived During COVID-19

    Transcripts may take up to 5 work days to be processed. 

    Student Records

    For students currently enrolled in PUSD schools you may go to their school site to request a copy of their cumulative records.  You may be charged for records, pursuant to Ed. Code. 49065. For students not currently enrolled, please contact Student Services. The district/school has 5 work days to complete the request.


    To obtain a copy of the diploma you must contact Pittsburg High School or Black Diamond High School (formally Riverside High School).

    Please note:  Student Services does not provide copies of diplomas.  We can only provide transcripts.

    Graduation Verifications

    Graduation verification requests may be processed with an email to  or fax 925-439-1650 . We cannot verify graduation over the phone.



  • Student Services
    Fax: 925-439-1650
    Pittsburg High School
    Registrar's Office
    Fax: 925-473-4159
    Black Diamond High School
    (Formerly Riverside High School)
    Registrar's Office
    Fax: 925-432-9002


    For GED record requests
    Pittsburg Adult Education Center
    Registrar's Office
    Fax: 925-473-4470