Inter-District Transfers

  • Please fill out the application (available below) and email   with your proof of employment, proof that student already attends school at the requested district or other proof supporting your reason.   

    Transfers will be processed beginning April 3, 2023. Please Print Interdistrict Transfer Form here. 

    Once processed you will receive an email back with the copy and then you can submit it to the district that you are requesting. 

    Although students Tk- 12th grade generally must attend school in the district where their residency has been established, the Governing Board recognizes justifiable reasons for occasional inter-district transfers. Upon request, the Board may accept students from another district and may also allow students who live within the district to attend out-of-district schools.

    Inter-district Transfers will be accepted for processing on April 3rd.  


    Leaving Pittsburg Unified School District:

    Inter-district Transfers TO ANOTHER DISTRICT may be granted for the following reasons:

    • Student has attended requested school in previous year and will complete the highest grade level offered at the requested school.
    • All 11th and 12th grade students who are continuing at the requested school.
    • No space exists in required grade level within the Pittsburg Unified School District.
    • There is no space available in a class that is REQUIRED for graduation.
    • Student is required to attend a Special Education program that is not currently offered in the Pittsburg Unified School District.
    • Student has been attending another district for 3+ years, consecutively, under an approved inter-district transfer from the Pittsburg Unified School District.
    • Student was in attendance at another public high school during the prior school year, and wishes to continue at that high school.
    • Student has a daycare outside the district. 

    You may apply for an interdistrict to LEAVE PUSD, you may download and print the Inter-district Transfer Request Form and return it to the Pittsburg Unified School District Administrative Building in April before the requested school year.

    Office of Student Services
    2000 Railroad Ave
    Pittsburg, CA 94565


    You MUST reapply every year.


    ***Please bring work/childcare/current enrollment verification with you when submitting the form. Transfers will not be approved without proper verification.

    Entering Pittsburg Unified School District:

    Inter-district attendance transfers may be granted TO ENTER THE DISTRICT for the following reasons:

    • Junior/Senior privilege.
    • Student completing the highest grade in an elementary or junior high school.
    • All required applications of law.
    • Work Related: Under Education Code 48204(f) An elementary school pupil, who has one or both parents or legal guardian, employed within the boundaries of that school district.
    • Childcare: An elementary school pupil’s childcare is provided by an individual or childcare facility within the boundaries of the requested district.
    • Parents have documented proof of an intended move.
    • Special or unusual circumstances which make attendance of a student in school outside his/her area of residence NECESSARY.
    • All students must have/maintain good grades (C average), 90% positive attendance, and good behavior. If it is a new request, proof of this requirement must be turned in to the Student Services Department.

    Please apply for an interdistrict TO Pittsburg Unified starting at YOUR DISTRICT OF RESIDENCE.

    The District shall notify a parent submitting a current year request of the final decision no later than 30 days after receipt for the current school year. 

    The District shall notify a parent submitting a future year request of the final decision as soon as possible and no later than the 14th day of the school year.

    You MUST reapply every year.


    Denial of Transfer Requests
    The parent/guardian of a student who is denied a transfer requested pursuant to Education Code 46600-46611 shall receive timely notice, in accordance with the law, regarding the process for appeal to the County Board of Education. This notice shall be provided by the district denying the request, or in the absence of an agreement between the districts, by the district of residence.

    You may also visit the Contra Costa County Office of Education website below to appeal and get additional information:  

    Failure of the parent to meet any timelines established by the school district and/or the county office of education shall be deemed an abandonment of the request.

    Students who are under consideration for expulsion or who have been expelled may not appeal inter-district attendance denials or decisions while expulsion proceedings are pending, or during the term of the expulsion. Education Code 46601


    Revocation of Agreements
    The district may revoke a student’s enrollment if he/she is recommended for expulsion pursuant to Education Code 48818.
    Revocation may occur if a student on an inter-district transfer has poor attendance, grades or discipline problems.
    A student on an inter-district permit will not be bumped for a resident after October 1 of the school year. The student may remain until the end of the school year, except for (1) and (2) above.

    Current law prohibits rescinding interdistrict transfers, after June 30, following the completion of grade 10, or for pupils in grades 11 or 12. 

    Guidelines for Inter-district Requests

    • All requests for inter-district agreements shall be submitted to the Superintendent or Designee.
    • If the request for an inter-district transfer is denied by the Pittsburg Unified School District Board of Education, the parents have the right to appeal the denial to the County Board of Education and this decision will be binding on both parties. During the appeal, students will remain at their current school.
    • Inter-district transfers coming into the district may only occur when space is available

    A parent’s failure to meet the district’s established timelines will be deemed an abandonment of the transfer request.

    Pittsburg Unified School District Board Policy

    PUSD Board Policy 5117


    Limited Provisional Admission

    Education Code section 46603, permits provisional admittance of a student for up to two months in the school district of proposed enrollment, makes a student’s eligibility for such provisional admittance contingent upon the provision of reasonable evidence that a final decision for the student’s request for interdistrict transfer is pending before the district of residence, district of proposed enrollment or the county board.


    Any written notices to parents about a district's decision must conform to the translation requirements in existing law.