Open Enrollment Overview

  • Open Enrollments are for transfers WITHIN the Pittsburg Unified School District from one school to another for grades K-8.


    For Junior High School Students 2023-2024 School Year- Open Enrollment period starts January 17, 2023 and Ends February 16, 2023 for round 1.

    For Elementary School Students 2023-2024 School Year- Open Enrollment period starts March 1, 2023 and Ends March 29, 2023 for round 1.  


    You can apply at any school site or through email and can be downloaded below and submitted to 

    Para los Estudiantes de la Escuela Secundaria del Año Escolar 2023-2024 - El Período de Inscripción Abierta comienza el 17 de enero de 2023 y termina el 16 de febrero de 2023 para la ronda 1.
    Para los Estudiantes de la Escuela Primaria del Año Escolar 2023-2024 - El Período de Inscripción Abierta comienza el 1 de marzo de 2023 y termina el 29 de marzo de 2023 para la ronda 1.
    Usted puede solicitarla en cualquier escuela o a través de correo electrónico y puede ser descargada a continuación y enviada a



    Open Enrollment Form English

    Open Enrollment Form Spanish


    Open Enrollments will be processed during the summer and you will receive notification in the mail.  New requests may be placed on a hold until 14 days after school starts to determine space availability. This would impact Tk and K the most and the student may have to attend the assigned home school until the process is complete.  


    Attendance at a School Within the Pittsburg Unified School District
    The Governing Board desires to provide options that meet the diverse needs, potential and interests of district students and shall annually review enrollment options. Students who reside within the district boundaries may apply for enrollment in any district school. The Superintendent or Designee shall determine the capacity of each district school and establish a random, unbiased selection process for the admission of students from outside a school’s attendance area.

    The district will not provide transportation outside the school’s attendance area if attendance is based upon a parent request to attend a school outside the student’s attendance area.

    The Superintendent or Designee shall develop the necessary regulations for implementing this policy.

    Selection Procedures
    Open enrollment shall be granted annually on a space available basis at the receiving school. No student currently residing within a school’s attendance area shall be displaced by a student on open enrollment (not including students who enroll after the beginning of the school year. (Education Code 35160.5) Students who move into an attendance area will be reassigned to another school if their grade level is at maximum capacity.

    • Open enrollment applications shall be available at all school offices.
    • Open enrollment application period shall be January 17 thru February 16, for Junior High and March 1st thru March 29th for Elementary, unless otherwise announced by the district.
    • All students who submit applications to the district by the end of the open enrollment period shall be considered for admission to their school of choice for the following school year under the district open enrollment policy. Requests submitted after the open enrollment period will be processed later in the year.
    • Enrollment in a school of choice shall be determined by space, attendance, behavioral, and/or academic conditions. If there are more requests than spaces there will be an applicant pool. A rank order shall be established to indicate the order in which students will be accepted.
    • The Superintendent or Designee shall inform applicants by mail as to whether their applications have been approved or denied. If the application is denied, the reasons for denial shall be stated in writing.
    • Applicants who receive attendance approval must confirm their enrollment within two weeks. Once attendance has commenced, students must remain at the school of choice for at least one full year, unless they no longer meet behavioral or academic conditions.
    • Schools shall be notified of students approved for open enrollment.
    • The Governing Board retains the authority to maintain appropriate racial and ethnic balances among district schools. (Education Code 35160.5)
    • Students on open enrollment will be required to apply for open enrollment transfer each year during the district open enrollment period. Transfer requests will be considered only after all students residing in the school’s attendance area have been accommodated.
    • If it becomes necessary to displace students on open enrollment at any grade level, students will be displaced in reverse order (last in, first out) of their acceptance.

    A student’s open enrollment may be canceled if his/her attendance, academic achievement, or behavior interferes with the student’s educational progress. Cancellation of student open enrollment shall occur at any time deemed necessary by the open enrollment school.

    **If approved, a student on open enrollment MUST stay at the open enrollment school for one school year, unless the transfer is revoked. 

    Appeal Process
    When an open enrollment intradistrict application is denied, the parent/guardian may appeal to the Director of Student Services in writing within 30 days of receiving the denial. An answer will be given in writing either approving or denying the appeal. The response will state the reason for approval or denial.