• Pittsburg High School

    Administrator and Clerical Office Staff Statement About Teamwork/Collaboration

    Implemented Beginning October 21st, 2013

     The Pittsburg High School administrators and clerical office staff believe that actively supporting one another as members of the school office team will provide the most effective services possible for the students, parents, faculty, classified staff, and all others having a stake in the success of our school.  We will establish and maintain trusting, mutually respectful relationships while working in a common direction to implement the school’s vision and our team’s goals, including customer service and collaboration. 

    We believe that using good interpersonal skills is key to establishing a constructive climate in which our team can thrive.    We will provide positive reinforcement to let each other know that everyone’s contributions are valued.  Communication practices—including verbal, non-verbal and written communication—will emphasize positive, supportive messages and will refrain from using negative comments.   Communication will be polite, kind and honest.

    Depending on the task, we will work independently or collaboratively to “get the job done.”  We will assist one another as may be helpful in a situation, and we will talk to one another openly, sharing information that other team members may need to do our jobs effectively.  We also value each other’s ideas and perspectives about issues that affect our school, and we will establish meeting opportunities to share information and gather input.  

    By knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, by following-through on our commitments, by promoting inclusive practices, by implementing rules and guidelines consistently, and by working with one another to build and maintain trusting relationships, each member of the team will be able to contribute his/her individual strengths to benefit the team and the school.